It’s hilarious how our dogs uncannily explore every exciting object in their environment. The moment our canine pals spot something new in the area, it’s almost inevitable for them to start tinkering with it.

Thus, one nosy Boxer tests a newly-installed doorbell in their home. Yet, it seems the pup needs to activate the device a couple of times for fur parents to open the door.

Ooh, so this is the new doorbell.

In this exciting video clip, one can initially see a camera capturing footage of the yard. With the way the camera’s positioned, the device’s meant to monitor the area for any signs of movement.

Yet, it looks like a brown-furred Boxer named Titus notices the newly-installed device at the door as he inspects it. For the next few seconds, Titus keeps on tinkering at the doorbell until he decides to check if it’s working.

Without any warning at all, the mischievous canine starts pawing at the doorbell, eager to find out how it works. Titus carries on with his furtive movements until his left paw hits the buzzer.

Umm, why aren’t they coming yet?

As soon as the bell rings, the canine moves away from the door and strolls towards their patio. Titus then takes a seat while he’s waiting for anyone inside their abode to take notice.

At some point, the dog even fleetingly glances at the door’s direction to check if someone’s coming. But, after waiting for a couple of seconds, it looks like no one’s coming to let Titus inside the house.

Noticing this, the impatient doggo decides to take action as he once again strolls towards the door. Do you think Titus resumed enacting his earlier strategy? Find out if that’s the case by clicking on the play button in the footage below.

Video Credit: ViralHog via YouTube


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