Dogs, as we all know, are some of the most curious creatures that we can ever encounter. No matter what object they find in their environment, they’re sure to subject it to scrutiny.

However, it looks like a particular English bulldog developed a prejudice over a Canadian water canteen from the get-go.

Hmm, what’s this?

In the video, Chunk the English bulldog circles over an object lying on their carpeted floor. A few seconds later, the camera reveals to us the identity of the object Chunk curiously looks.

It turns out, a black water canteen with the label “O Canada” lies innocently on the floor. Ever the curious pooch, Chunk starts sniffing to explore the container.

However, when Chunk’s fur parent rolls the water container away from the pooch, Chunk starts giving the bottle a suspicious look. Eventually, Chunk assumes an offensive stance, ready to attack the moment the bottle makes a move.

Stay right where I can see you!

With each passing second, the pooch’s distrust on the water bottle grew. No longer able to sit still, Chunk starts circling the container, careful not to go anywhere near it.

Even as Chunk circles the water canteen, he keeps a close eye on it. It’s as if the pooch’s making sure that the bottle stays where it currently is and not get the chance to approach him.

Moments later, Chunk starts barking furiously at the water canteen and even circled the perimeter. The pooch continued doing this for about two rounds before he settles on a spot across the bottle, staring at it with a deadly gaze.

We can never know Chunk’s reason for developing trust issues with the water bottle from Canada. But, if you think Chunk’s gestures were hilarious, feel free to watch the video attached below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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