The world came to know about Rolo, a beautiful Staffordshire/American Bulldog mix, because of his smile. He knows that a lot of people (and dogs) fear him because of his physique. This is the reason why he makes an effort to wear a huge smile whenever there are people or other dogs around him. He wants them to know that he’s not one to be feared and that he wants to be their friend.

Behind that huge smile of his is a dog who once experienced abuse and neglect from his previous owners. He didn’t receive the love, care, and affection he deserved to receive from them. The only time he got out of this miserable situation was when inspectors rescued him and turned him over to the RSPCA.

Waiting in vain

Rolo’s life changed immensely the moment he walked into the shelter. They rushed to his side to check up on him. They also ran some tests to see if he was suffering from conditions that required immediate medical treatment.

Since Rojo was used to being neglected, he didn’t know how to react to all the attention he was receiving from the shelter staff. It took a while for him to understand that he was finally receiving the things that his previous fur parents failed to give him. When he realized that he was finally in the company of good people, he began smiling from ear to ear.

As much as the Staffordshire/American Bulldog mix enjoys staying at the shelter, he can’t help but long for having a forever home. He’s been living there for practically half his life now, and the volunteers are still on the hunt for a loving family that would adopt him.

A meticulous process

Volunteers are very strict in screening applications from individuals who are interested in adopting Rojo. The reason behind this being, they want to see to it that the pooch gets to live the best quality of life.

Credits to Friends of RSPCA York Animals Home

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