When it comes to anything that includes food, we have made it a habit to take a snap of it before eating and share it online. This foodie from Indiana is no different. However, if there is one thing that makes her shots stand out, it is definitely not the food itself but the doggy background!

Hannan Memmer has been a huge fan of food for as long as she could remember. In fact, she loves foods so much that she has turned it into a career as a cook for a local kitchen. But apart from cooking mouthwatering dishes, Hannan has always been fond of photographing her creations, too.

Most of the time, she does this so she could have a pool of food options she can choose from whenever she runs out of ideas at home. Since she typically does all the cooking for their vegan household, she often gets stuck with the same menu and needs to spice things up.

noodles, tagliatelle, pasta

But another reason why she photographs her dishes is to share it with her friends online. She will post the photos on vegan groups and get suggestions on how to improve the dish next time.

It is in one of her recent posts that she realized something odd about her food photos. You see, while the dish takes center stage in her pictures, the background always captures at least one of her four adorable dogs! When she looked back at the pics on her phone, she notices that they are in a whole lot of them.

That is when she realizes that whenever she cooks in the kitchen, her four fur babies will often huddle in the room. They are typically there to wait for something to drop from the counter, but little did they know that they are always caught in the final food product shoot, too! Here is one of their adorable signature food-dog photos.

Posted by Hannan Marie Memmer on Monday, June 1, 2020

Courtesy of Hannan Marie Memmer


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