Puppies are the purest source of joy humans have access to on earth. They don’t need much, just our love and attention, and perhaps a couple of interesting items to play with.

This fluffy Golden Retriever named Wrigley is proof that furballs like him don’t need fancy toys. A roll of tissue paper will do, and if it’s placed in the toilet for use, the better it is for him.

On this day, this pupper’s hooman captured him in action. He was caught red-handed, and if he tries to deny his actions, this clip is more than enough proof.

At first, Wrigley tried to poke the roll of tissue paper down. He used his snout to push, but the object of his desire remained where it was. That didn’t deter the puppy, though.

He kept pushing and prodding, and when the roll moved forward, the puppy was delighted. He saw that the edge of the paper itself dangled from the whole roll, so he bit at it.

Wrigley’s hops made his body jiggle, making his little messy activity look adorable. All puppies have this talent, but Wrigley’s happened to be more potent than the rest.


After biting the dangling tissue paper, he quickly ran, tugging the tissue paper along with him. Can you imagine how the house would look like if the paper didn’t break?

There’d be swaths of tissue running all over the house, and we’re sure that soon after, there’d be shreds of them everywhere. We all know who’d clean up, and this rascal isn’t one of them.

Wrigley had tons of toys, but it’s this item that got his attention. He’s further proof that dogs can have fun with just the basics, and we’re here for it.

We hope this little activity of yours didn’t cause too much of a mess, Wrigley. Thanks, though, for the dose of fun you served!

Credits to DogLove 24 via YouTube


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