One day in South Carolina, a family decided to ride bikes outside when they suddenly heard a crying puppy. They checked and tracked the location of the faint crying sound, and it shocked them to have found a trapped puppy under a pile of concrete and dirt.

They immediately called 911 and firefighters together with the police from the North Charleston Fire Department quickly responded. When they arrived at the area, the family showed them the location of the puppy.

Captain Bryant of the North Charleston Fire Department said that the puppy was under four foot by four-foot concrete, and they started moving the concrete slabs away using a pry bar. When Captain Bryant attempted to pull the puppy up, he found out that there wasn’t enough room, so he dug until he started to create enough space to wiggle the puppy out. The rescue only took about 11 minutes.

They named the puppy Rocky. Once Rocky was free, he started licking Captain Bryant’s face nonstop. He could not stop thanking him and he Captain Bryant all the love he can give right away.

The family that found the puppy decided to take Rocky to the nearby vet to get him checkout for a microchip so they can reunite him to his original family. Captain Bryant, on the other side, was not able to forget the dog and cannot stop thinking about Rocky.

Charleston Animal Society took Rocky because it turns out that he did not have an owner yet. When Captain Bryant heard about this, he did not think twice, and he knew what he had to do.

Captain Bryant felt connected with Rocky the minute he rescued him, it was an immediate bond, and he knows in his heart that they are meant to be together.

He made the adoption official and stated that ever since Rocky came to his life, he’s been on a high. When he came to shelter to pick the dog up, Rocky immediately recognised his rescuer.

As Rocky settles in Captain Bryant’s home, the two could not be happier with each other. They saved each other’s lives, and they have the best of their lives now.

Witness the story of Captain Bryant and Rocky below:

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