Topi the Corgi is famous online. He has a YouTube channel with almost 200 thousand subscribers. His videos have amassed 65 million views since 2016.

You can say that Topi’s a legitimate online influencer, in the guise of a dog. And unlike human influencers, Corgi’s the opposite of annoying. In fact, he’s immensely adorable.

Our featured video is from Topi’s YouTube channel. Here he goes to a lake for a day of fun and relaxation. But an exciting twist awaits Topi.

Curious as to what happens to Topi’s day at the lake? Please watch the video below and be amazed at this pawsome doggo.

Today is Topi’s scheduled trip to the lake. He has a basket hat on. He’s ready to frolic under the sun for hours on end.

Topi brings a blanket. He has a picnic basket too. In his picnic basket, he has a refreshing drink and lots of crackers.

Topi eats lots of crackers. He washes them down with a glass of his favored liquid potion, which we should say is not alcoholic because Topi’s wholesome that way. Topi likes himself sober.

Topi goes into the water on an inflatable that looks like him. The yellow Corgi inflatable floats lazily on the lake’s surface. Topi’s feeling so chill he can almost doze off.

Topi goes out of the water to eat more of his crackers. He sunbathes in his picnic spot. Everything’s going well with Topi’s day at the lake.

That is until he hears cries for help coming from the lake. He sees a toy pig drowning. Topi does not think twice and does his best imitation of David Hasselholf circa Baywatch era.

Topi fearlessly swims to where the drowning pig is. He saves the toy pig from drowning. For his good deed, Topi receives a medal of valor.

Thanks to Topi the Corgi


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