We know how really frustrating it is to deal with a lost dog. If your dog went missing, you would likely put up posters all over your neighborhood, organize a search party, and even go as far as checking all the animal shelters in your area. Some people would also leave out their dog’s favorite belongings outside the house hoping that these would lure them to come back home. Others would even organize search parties and get their family and friends involved in the search.

A dog named Butterscotch is part of the Vargas family living in Las Vegas. He is spoiled and loved by every member of his family, and we can only imagine the family’s horror when Butterscotch went missing. It all started when the Vargas family decided to go to California for a holiday.

They decided to leave Butterscotch home since it will only be a short trip and they organized for someone to pick him up and attend to his needs. Little did they know that Butterscotch got a little curious and somehow found a way to escape the house. When Butterscotch was about the be picked up by his owner’s sister, he was nowhere to be found.

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After learning that Butterscotch went missing, the Vargas family decided to cut their holiday short and head straight back home to look for their beloved dog. The Vargas family started to put up posters all over their neighborhood and drove around hoping to find Butterscotch as soon as they got back.

Eventually, people also started calling about spotting a dog with Butterscotch’s description. One particular caller stated that Butterscotch was spotted wandering near the freeway. Knowing that a freeway is a dangerous place for a dog, Butterscotch’s mom, Anabel Vargas, headed over to check. After a brief search, Anabel finally found Butterscotch.

Anabel was overjoyed that Butterscotch was finally found and he was also unharmed and healthy. Butterscotch was also excited when he saw his mom. Anabel decided to surprise her husband, Jesse Vargas, to see how he would react. Jesse’s reaction was truly heartwarming. He was very excited to see Butterscotch that he couldn’t wait to open the car door. You need to watch the video below to see his adorable reaction. Just click or tap on play to watch the heartwarming video.

Video Source Zoo Land via YouTube

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