In all honesty, bath time for dogs is a stressful time – both for dogs and for the owner. Much of it is due to fear. Dogs fear bath time. It’s not too late to find a way to defeat fear. Here are some points to consider if you want to make dog bathing less stressful.

It all starts at young age

Fear is developed while the dog is still a puppy.If a puppy experienced anxiety during his bath time, he would naturally feel the same tension even if he has grown old. So, if your pet is still in that young age, try to make his baths as happy as possible. Make it a pleasurable experience that he will not hate the activity.

Have the supplies ready

Prepare everything before bath time. All supplies that your pet will need such as shampoo, soap, towels, and toys must be handy and within your arm’s reach. It pays to have all things accessible and close, especially if your dog is already nervous. Never leave your pet alone until the bathing is through. He might run away and you will have difficulty putting him back in the tub again. So, keep everything prepared and handy to make the task more manageable.

Fill the tub with warm water

Before the dog gets in the tub, fill it with warm water. Most dogs do not enjoy running water. As much as possible, don’t put your pet under the faucet. It makes the dog more nervous. If you’ve to use water directly from the tap, it’s better to use a hose so that water won’t go splashing all over the dog. Warm water gives some amount of comfort to the dog’s skin.

Better to have a non-slip tub

Comfort comes with how the dog feels while bathing. He must have stable footing so he would feel comfortable inside the container. If the tub feels slippery, it will make the dog more nervous. You can use a non-slip pad on the floor where the dog can stand on while bathing.

Gentleness counts

While bathing your pet, always keep the dog’s nose, eyes and ears protected. Having water and shampoo all over their face will add to the discomfort of the dog. Use a washcloth to remove any water that may get into the nose, eyes, and ears of your pet.

Toys and treats help

Allowing the dog to play with his toy will make bath time feel like play time. This’ll lessen the nervousness of the dog. Let him chew on his toy even while bathing. Give him a favorite treat (for example, food) if this will help in distracting his attention from what’s going on.

Ask somebody’s help

Bathing your dog by yourself is taxing, especially if the dog belongs to a big breed. If somebody is willing to help you, by all means, let him. An additional hand will unload you of lots of strain in bathing a (big) dog. Four hands are better than two.

Be ready to take a bath yourself

You’ll never know what’ll happen while bathing your dog.It’s very natural for a dog to flop his hair and splatter soap and water around him as he tries to escape from the tub. Terrified and nervous, or playful and wiggly, it’s difficult to keep a dog still. So it’s possible that you’ll get wet and have an unofficial bath yourself. Just enjoy the moment and consider it as bonding time with your pet.

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