Dogs are resilient creatures. In spite of the traumatic experiences they went through, dogs still know how to love and trust people again.

The J.J. Woofin Paws Rescue Agency received a call about a dog that was seen wandering around the Palmdale Desert. It was evident that the pup was abandoned in the area. No one knows how the dog ended in the desert or who left her there.

When the dog was finally spotted by the rescue team, her fur was severely matted that it was hard to tell if the dog is male or female. The poor dog was clearly in a terrible condition.

Named Dorothy by her rescuers, the dog’s transformation was very touching. Watch her video below.


The vet along with his staff took hours to cleaned and shaved Dorothy. In fact, she had to be sedated to finish the job on time. During the grooming session, they found that she has wounds all over her body. Dorothy also had a growth on her eyelids.

What was so touching for the rescue team was that when she woke up, she seemed to be relieved just to be cleaned. Well, who wouldn’t be? The rescue team’s veterinarian removed a pound of hair from Dorothy’s body!

You can only imagine the suffering Dorothy must have gone through before her timely rescue. Alone and helpless, Dorothy had sustained wounds to fend off predators and other animals to survive. Maybe that’s the reason why she was so happy when she saw her rescuers. They reported that the dog was wagging her tail non-stop when she saw the rescue team.

Thanks to the J.J. Woofin Paws Rescue Agency who specializes in finding the right dog for you to adopt. The organization made it a priority to rescue dogs in high-kill shelters followed by dogs that are abandoned by their families.

Thank you guys for giving these animals a chance to be loved.

Source JJ Woofinpaws via YouTube


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