Nana, a boxer mix, has finally been rescued after being used for breeding puppies in a backyard in North Carolina for four years.

Her owners did nothing to take care of her. The neighbors pitched in whenever they can, and even called animal control several times. However, their claims of neglect and abuse were dismissed as hearsay.

Nana gave birth to her third litter of nine puppies on June 9. Not one survived in her first litter. Her second litter included one female dog, who stayed in the background with her. She, too, was used for breeding as soon as she turned six months old.

Things changed for Nana and her puppies on June 10, a day after they were born. Nana’s owners shared a photo of her with her babies on Facebook. The family was relocating, and the dogs were being given away for free to anyone interested.

Upon seeing the post, the neighbors contacted Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary in Salisbury, North Carolina (FFAC). The organization agreed to take them all in. They also reached out to Mr. Bones & Co., a rescue group based in New York City, to see if they could take Nana and her puppies up to the city once they were old and healthy enough.

The puppies thrived while under the care of FFAC. Nana was first timid and wary of strangers handling her puppies, but once the FFAC staff earned her trust, she began to relax. As soon as they were weened, Nana transformed into a social butterfly.

After ten weeks with FFAC, the dogs traveled to the city, where Nana’s babies were delivered to their new homes. After four years of yearning to be rescued, Nana’s life has finally changed for the better. And according to volunteers, she is finally learning how to truly live like a dog.

Credit: Mr. Bones & Co. and Rescue the Runway via Facebook

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