Ever wonder how your canines react in certain situations? Thanks to the popular social media trends nowadays, we only need to pull out our cameras and press record.

Thus, an impish fur mom teases her doggo by barking at it. And, it seems the canine knows how to stop Mom from carrying on with the act as it pulls out a funny gesture.

Whoof, whoof!

In this hilarious footage, one can initially see a fur mom and her canine buddy chilling out in the bedroom. With the way it looks, Mom and the doggo prep themselves for a good night’s sleep.

Yet, Mom has other ideas in mind as she focuses her smartphone’s front camera on them. And, as the canine quietly settles on Mom’s lap, she makes a booming bark at the oblivious doggo.

Surprised at Mom’s bark, the canine can’t help but look confused at what’s happening. At some point, the bemused dog even glances to its left and right to somehow make sense of Mom’s action.

Oh, you barked, Mom? I’m not scared!

For the next few seconds, the doggo mulls over its next course of action towards Mom’s yapping. And, it seems the canine comes up with an ingenious plan as it rises and moves closer to Mom.

On and on the doggo goes until it places its head on Mom’s shoulder. It seems the pup’s going to cuddle up with the woman until nudges its snout on Mom’s neck to make her lie down.

It turns out, this clever canine plays along with Mom’s act, but immediately “takes out” her neck as a form of retaliation to her earlier jesting. Thus, if you don’t want to miss this comical pair, view the footage linked below and watch the whole skit in live-action.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube

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