While the world is sometimes too much for you, you will never run out of hopeful and heartwarming stories about dogs. Every now and then, you get to hear fantastic news about dogs, such as pooches helping to foster kittens or those that are trying to keep kids safe. Another optimistic story involves Roo, a Collie-Whippet cross.

Her owners believed that she had only three legs when she was born in Romania. But she lost another one after being savagely assaulted by a violent dog. Roo’s story did not end here, as things eventually started looking up for her.

A new hope for Roo

Roo was just five months old when her loving owners, Nikki and Ian Dick, rescued and adopted her. Despite having only two legs, she learned to get by. Still, she couldn’t live a normal life.

Another stroke of good fortune helped Roo turn her life around. A foundation called Hillheads Dog Training Center heard of her story, and it started organizing fund-raising activities. With this, the organization would be able to buy the dog a set of wheels.

Thanks to the donations, £800, or more than $1,000, was raised so Roo could have a set of custom wheels. Roo’s new mobility equipment was ordered from Eddie’s Wheels in the U.S.

The wheels were specially designed for Roo. Because the wheels were much wider, Roo could run around on any surfaces, such as sand.

Roo, a little fighter

Nikki explained that people always reacted well to Roo while she was playing with other dogs. She was even described as a “little fighter.” Some people also got emotional when they first laid their eyes on Roo.

What was more important was that everybody had been very supportive of Roo. Nikki stressed that Roo showed any dog could be loved exactly the same.

Video Source: b/60 via YouTube

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