When dog owners take their pets to church, they usually expect their furry companions to behave themselves. But one dog, in particular, seemed to have other ideas when he visited a church with his dad.

This dog named Sherpa visited a church with dad and was caught on camera walking up to several people including a priest. We say this dog sensed what the clergyman’s duties were!

We found it both amusing and heartwarming to see this dog say hi to so many people, but Sherpa’s reaction to the priest was particularly notable.

He howled several times, and he did it long and hard. We won’t be surprised if the priest took it as a confession. Sure, he may not have understood what the dog said, but a confession’s a confession.

We’re not sure what Sherpa’s howling was all about, but we’re glad that he made everyone smile. The priest and everyone around were not intimidated at all. Good dog!

Dad knew his dog would behave, but he playfully asked the enamored crowd not to encourage his pet’s actions. That howling echoed inside the church’s chambers, so dad was afraid to disturb people.

Even the dog himself seemed to be a little embarrassed by all the attention. But he couldn’t help it – he’s just too cute! Sherpa handled the attention well, basking and reveling in the good vibes these kind people were giving him.

Sherpa and his owner continued their tour of that magnificent church, taking pictures in and out of it. The shots taken were incredible and would make a good reminder of the good times.

It’s always nice to see a dog being so friendly, especially when they’re out and about with their owners. We’re sure Sherpa made everyone’s day when he visited the church.

Continue being a good boy, Sherpa! Here’s to more beautiful walking tours in the future!

Credits to Sherpa via YouTube

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