Our culture in the USA along with most western countries see dogs as pets. They’re amazingly loyal animals that are great as companions, and they just make life a little happier for all of us, which is why we love dogs.

However, some countries exist today that uses dogs as livestock. It’s really appalling to think about eating dogs, but it still happens. Although eating dog meat is becoming less popular in South Korea, there are still dog meat farms existing across the country.

It’s not enough that the dogs here are being slaughtered for their meat, but the dog meat farms also don’t treat the dogs humanely while they’re still alive.

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Thanks to the cooperation of the South Korean government, the Humane Society of the United States were able to participate in rescuing dogs in a dog meat farm located in rural Yesan, South Korea.

During the rescue, they found that the dogs were living in harsh conditions. They lived in wire cages with no insulation and dogs were packed in the cages that they can barely move.

One dog they rescued is named Emily. They found her locked in a filthy cage with no food or water available in the middle of the July heat. She stood on wires, which took its toll on her paws, which were swollen and raw.

Emily barely had any hair when the rescuers found her. Covered in mange, Emily was just about to be slaughtered for meat had rescuers didn’t come on time.

Along with Emily, the rescuers found over 130 dogs set for slaughter. Emily along with the other dogs was rushed to the animal hospital where they were treated and examined for diseases. Thanks to the efforts of the rescuers, Emily looks like a completely different dog from when they found her.

Emily now lives in Florida with a loving family who provided her with a forever home.

Here’s a video of what Emily went through and how the rescuers rescued her and helped her recover from the trauma she experienced in the dog meat farm.

Video Source Human Society of the United States via YouTube


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