Jo Higgs, the owner of a 15-week-old puppy, returned home to come across an empty packet of chocolate biscuits in her kitchen. Higgs realized that the biscuits were consumed by her dog Zeena who had started showing signs of sickness and bloating.

Higgs said that she initially thought that the chocolates were eaten by her daughter. Later, when Higgs noticed her dog’s sickness, it dawned upon her that it was actually her pooch who had consumed the chocolates in her absence.

The dog was hurried to a local veterinary hospital where the vets gave the pup emergency meds to stop the absorption of theobromine, a chemical in chocolate that is supposed to be deadly for dogs.

A drip was also administered to Zeena to get her body purified from any remaining toxins.

Paul Cossey, the vet, said that chocolates are poisonous to dogs, and even a small quantity can prove to be life-threatening to the canines.

Cossey said that Zeena had consumed around 3 grams of chocolate, and the dog could have died if timely veterinary care had not been provided. The dog was fortunate to be able to receive life-saving treatment just in the nick of time.

Higgs said that she felt horrible during the dog’s ordeal, and she was thinking about the worse but was later grateful to the wonderful veterinary team that saved her dog.

Cossey said that many pet owners feed their animals foods that they think are treats without taking into consideration their potentially harmful effects. According to Cossey, foods like grapes, raisins, currants, and nuts can be dangerous. Cossey added that olives, chives, and garlic could also be poisonous, so it is highly essential to be aware of what your pet can or cannot eat.

Image source: Independent via MSN


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