Most of us grew up believing that cats and dogs can’t get along. We would imagine that if we had these two very different animals in one home, they’d be fighting all the time. However, this is a myth, and┬ácats and dogs can become best friends.

If we socialize our pets at an early age, there’s an excellent chance that they won’t be aggressive to other animals. The result is usually very heartwarming. Besides, it’s not very often that you’d see a cat and a dog cuddling and playing with each other.

A dog named Henry and a cat named Baloo formed an unlikely friendship because of what they have in common. They’re both rescue animals who found a loving forever home thanks to their human parents named Cynthia Bennett and Andre Sibilsky.

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It’s pretty common to see families owning a cat and a dog in one house. These animals may tolerate each other’s existence but are not really friends. However, Henry and Baloo showed everyone that cats and dogs could become very close to the point that they play together and cuddle with each other.

Henry and Baloo’s favorite activity is hiking. Whenever their human parents organize a hiking trip, the two adorable animals would become excited. As soon as Andre or Cynthia opens the door to the car, Henry and Baloo are usually the first ones to jump inside.

During the trip, Henry and Baloo would stick their head out of the window to enjoy the wind blowing on their faces and enjoy the sights. Although both of them enjoy hiking, Baloo gets tired rather quickly. When he does, Cynthia or Andre will place him on top of Henry’s head so he can rest.

Henry doesn’t mind at all. In fact, he does look like he enjoys giving his cat brother a ride and helping him finish the entire hike. These two adventure buddies have so many people following them on their social media accounts. They have become internet famous, and people can’t get enough of them. Here’s a short video showing Henry giving Baloo a ride on his head when he gets tired from the hike.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube

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