Manson, the Boston Terrier, has an obsession with tennis balls. When the 10-year-old senior pooch found a particular tennis ball that he connected to, he was not shy to show just how much he loves it.

Manson’s fur mom, Kimberly Brown, shared with The Dodo that her dog is a massive tennis ball fan. However, when Manson saw the tennis ball of his dreams, he started preferring it over all the brand-new ones that she gave him.

Manson’s favorite activity is to play fetch, and he is still an active little pooch who is up for a quick game even on freezing weather despite his age. Manson loved playing fetch so much that negative temperatures never slowed him down.

This will never not be funny 😂Poor Manson.. this was last winter – he gets frustrated so quickly when he doesn't get what he wants lol. * I unstuck the ball for him as soon as the video ended.

Posted by Kimberly Brown on Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Unfortunately, Manson faced an unforeseen disaster when the first-ever snow of the year put a halt on Manson’s favorite time of the day. Kimberly recalled that Manson went outside and headed straight to where he previously left his favorite ball.

Kimberly shared that she always plays fetch with Manson every morning. She recalled that Manson ran excitedly to his favorite ball, and he was shocked when he could not pick his ball up.

Kimberly immediately went inside her home because she wanted to get her cellphone. Kimberly ran towards Manson as soon as she got her phone, and she saw Manson desperately trying to save his frozen tennis ball.

Manson kept on simultaneously digging the ground with his paws and pulling the ball out with his mouth, but the ball just would not budge. Manson was confused about why his favorite toy refuses to move and play with him.

Kimberly stepped in and helped Manson after watching her dog’s countless efforts to free his frozen tennis ball. Manson showed his gratitude to Kimberly as soon as she was able to get his toy off the ground.

Source: Kimberly Brown via Facebook

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