A dog’s love is one-of-a-kind. It is selfless and unconditional. It goes beyond race, gender, and preference. To the world, you may be one of many, but to a dog, you are that one person that matters most.

Julian Gavino is a transman with a very loving and supportive dog named Atlas. For Julian, Atlas is not just a dog, Atlas is his home. Before Atlas came to his life, Julian was lost, hurt, and lonely.

Growing up, Julian was confused about his identity. He knew he was different. He just did not how different he was until he met a transgender. He realized that it was him. He finally found himself.

He came out to his parents at 15, but his parents didn’t support him, and it hurt him badly and affected his confidence and outlook in life.

After his surgery, it made him happy and assured to see Atlas when we opened his eyes. Atlas gave him the assurance and support he needed. He felt confident of himself and the decision he has made.

At 20, Julian was also diagnosed with EDS, a genetic condition that causes him to have eye, hearing, and joint problems. He lost and regained his ability to walk. But with Atlas by his side, helping him and taking care of him, Julian could spend each day with a smile, courage, and strength to walk again.

Atlas was and still is Julian’s source or happiness and strength. His goofy antics and random quirks never failed to brighten Julian’s days. Above all, Atlas helped Julian believe in himself and inspired him to try to regain everything that he had lost, including the ability to walk again. Julian could take on anything and everything that life blows his way because of one wonderfully loving dog named Atlas.

Images courtesy of The Disabled Hippie

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