A Pit-Bull Boxer mix who was considered a permanent resident of a shelter in Indiana finally got adopted and found his forever home. The dog had been at the facility longer than any of the shelter’s employees.

The 12-year-old dog named Sandi had been living at the sanctuary for more than half of her life and was described by the volunteers as a treat-loving and sassy couch potato.

Teeri Couse, who works at the shelter, said that she was delighted that the dog finally had a home, but she was also a bit sad. Teeri used to walk the dog every day, but now she had to say goodbye to the dog.

Sandi’s new owners do not have any other dogs, but they have everything that a house with a dog should have. The new owner’s house has doggie doors, toys, dog fence, and also a dog bed to offer.

The staff at the shelter said that Sandi would be given a farewell with a lot of good wishes. There will actually be a farewell party with a red carpet for Sandi, along with lots of treats.

Sandi will not only be saying goodbye to the staff at the shelter, but it will also be her last meeting with the 200 cats and 80 other dogs that she is leaving behind.

The shelter follows the policy of not putting down any of their animals and allowing them to live at the facility as long as they can. Sandi is not the only senior resident at the shelter; there are some other animals at the shelter who arrived even earlier than the Pit-Bull Boxer mix.

Volunteers working for the shelter said that sometimes people drop in animals that they cannot afford any more, and sometimes the animals are abandoned on the streets. The volunteers wanted people to drop their pets at the animal shelters in person as it does not cost anything, and animals remain safe.

Image source: WeAreIOWA

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