Food is something all dogs never fail to enjoy. Whether it’s something regularly served to them or something fancy, the joy they get from eating is unparalleled.

This puppy is one example. He’s obviously a spoiled pet because he has a food dispenser that gives out treats, and it doesn’t get any better than that.

On this day, this pet discovered that if he presses a button, a treat will slide out from the food dispenser. We’re not sure how long before this goofball found out, but he did.

There was no stopping him now that he had full control of the treats. He kept on pressing the clicker, and the treats came out, one after another. This dog felt powerful, no doubt.

Food is life

At least that’s what he felt until he pressed and nothing happened. Powerful whirring sounds happened, but no treat slid out like expected. That gave the puppy pause.

That didn’t stop this furball from pressing the clicker repeatedly, and the second time no treat came out, this pet was ready to fight. He wanted treats and he did the work, so why didn’t any come out?

Lesson learned

The rascal’s mom found this hilarious and thankfully, she got all of this on video. She told her pet not to go crazy and just take it easy, moving the clicker closer so the puppy could press it properly.

Since puppies have not developed their patience yet, this hooligan pawed at the button repeatedly. He frantically did so, but he slowed down when mom told him to.

When the treats began sliding out again, this puppy learned his lesson. Slowly but surely does it, and getting all frustrated and frantic about things just doesn’t do the job.

We’re glad you listened to your hooman, pet. Obedience and patience are two of the toughest life lessons, but we’re confident you will apply what you learned in the future. Cheers!

Credits to BViral via YouTube

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