Dog owners know the importance of petting a good dog with a nice belly or neck rub. Even casual dog admirers can’t help themselves whenever they are approached by friendly pups. They can’t resist the urge to run their hands on these pups’ fluffy fur or smooth skin.

The aforementioned fact is true to all sorts of people, even priests. And, by the looks of it, even priests conducting a church service. Proof of this claim is a video circulating online of a priest named Jose Geraldo Sobreira who found himself charmed by a dog that had crashed the service he was giving to his parishioners.

The whole canine church crashing incident happened during a 9 a.m. mass. To keep our facts straight, it is important to note that the pup did not originally intend to crash the church service. But he’d found himself lost in the street and inadvertently wandered into the church.

The dog with a leash, which meant he was domesticated, was at first unruly. He walked straight to the altar and wreaked havoc on flower arrangements and towels. At first, the aforementioned priest was caught off guard and had wanted to drive the dog away.

But the dog was not to be deterred. He resorted to his canine cuteness to charm the priest. The dog played with the priest’s clothes and seemed to solicit some much-needed belly rubs from his holiness.

Posted by ParĂ³quia Nossa Senhora das Dores on Sunday, June 2, 2019

It did not take long before the priest had to let his guard down. As it turned out, he was a dog lover himself. In fact, he’s an adoptive parent to a dog abandoned in the church one Christmas Eve.

The whole incident is quite funny. It goes to show that pups can get away with most things, even inside holy quarters. We’re quite fortunate the endearing scene had been recorded and released online.

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