There are rules for naming dogs. The number one rule is you do not give your female puppy the name Linda. Linda is a woman’s name, probably the woman living next door to you who always comes back from the grocery with loads of tissue paper.

Naming your female puppy Linda means it will grow into an adult canine Linda. And Lindas know what they want. They fight for what they think they deserve.

A Linda is an empowered woman. And by naming your female pup Linda, you should be prepared to deal with an empowered dog who would not shy away from arguing with you if you found yourself chilling on the couch with a sandwich in hand that you’ve decided is not meant for sharing. Case in point; the dog Linda in our featured video.

Ready to hear from Linda? Here you go.

In the video, we meet Linda. She’s annoyed as heck. The source of her annoyance is the fact that her daddy won’t share his sandwich with her.

Linda’s dad tries to explain to the dog why he’s not sharing. Apparently, Linda did not even touch the content of her food bowl. There’s no reason why she should be demanding her dad to share his sandwich.

But that’s exactly Linda’s point. She did not eat her own food because she wants a bite from her dad’s sandwich. Linda knows what she wants is a piece of sandwich and not some boring dog food.

Linda tries to explain to her point to her dad. She tries to convince her dad that she’s entitled to dad’s sandwich. After all, she’s Linda for Chrissake!

There’s another dog in the video named Dinky. Dinky’s not as assertive as Linda. Dinky looks like she’s salivating for dad’s sandwich as desperately as Linda, but she’s named Dinky, so she keeps it cool.

Thanks to Ron Cameron


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