Dogs have a very strong maternal instinct. They can easily form a bond with orphans mainly because of their instinct to protect them as their own. So it is no surprise why we see many videos of our canine friends fostering the young of other dogs or even those of other species, just like the featured video below.

Rain, a trained service dog, took it to herself to take care of and protect a rescued kitten that her mom introduced to her. Rain’s mom knew that she is a loving canine, and she is not a bit surprised that Rain immediately formed a bond with the tiny cat.

Interestingly, Rain has become a bit too overprotective of her little foster kitty that she is quick to warn Bear, her doggy friend when he gets too close for comfort. This overprotectiveness is captured on film when their mom introduced Rain to the rescued feline.

In the video, Rain can be seen cuddling with the tiny kitten on her bed. She goes out of her way to take care of the little fellow by licking and grooming her as if it was her baby. Bear, curious about the tiny furball that his friend suddenly chooses to hang around with, can only look on as Rain shows him her displeasure when he tries to come too close.

Rain’s maternal instinct tells her that even her best friend, Bear, cannot get too close to her foster kitten as he might harm the baby. Bear can only look at his mom, thinking what Rain’s problem is as she growls at him when he tries to check out the little kitty. Rain might be overprotective, but her dedication to taking care of the kitten is adorably priceless!

Watch Rain act like an overprotective foster mom to an adorable kitten in the video below.

Source The_Samson_Show via Rumble

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