Dogs are man’s best friend. With that said, it’s so easy to see them follow you everywhere! But what will you do if you found it out that your dog has a disability upon birth?

What if your dog’s disability will prevent him from playing catch with you and following you everywhere you go.

It’s a sad thought. But thanks to advancements in technology, researchers might just have found the cure for walking disability in animals.

Pool hydrotherapy came into the picture to treat this sweet little puppy in Wicklow, Ireland. In this viral video from ABC News, it shows a video of the cute puppy trying to walk in the water on a treadmill.


To help the dog, he needs therapy,  so he can walk initially decreasing the pressure on his weight by placing him a treadmill in the water and have the dog learn to walk there.

Even with the assistance of the surrounding people, he’s significantly done a great job. Since the dog was born, he cannot walk, and it’s only now that he learned how to walk for the very first time.

Good reports from the center started to notify the concern people saying that the dog can now finally walk without any help. 

All of his improvement won’t be possible if not for the efforts of the team in the center, and for the hydrotherapy technology, the dog wouldn’t be able to maximize its capabilities.

In a greater sense, technology made everything possible. What’s even more significant is that technique’s not only contributing to the betterment of life of humankind but the animals, as well.

We’re all hoping for these kinds of advancements shortly. Let’s give our physically disabled furry friends the hope of seeing a new tomorrow.

Disabled dog learns to walk in hydrotherapy pool.

DOGGY PADDLE: A dog born without the use of its legs learns to walk in a hydrotherapy pool.

Posted by ABC News on Friday, March 1, 2019

Special thanks to ABC News for posting the original video via Facebook.

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