The golf course had been this poor creature’s home for several weeks when he was spotted by someone concerned enough to get in touch with the Hope For Paws organization and explain his predicament. Luckily, the guys at the said organization had no qualms receiving phone calls day or night and soon made their way to the location specified by the person who had asked for their help. When they got there, it was as if the dog had been waiting for them to come and give him food because he immediately approached them, though he didn’t let them get too near.

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For a moment, however, it looked like they had managed to convince the dog to simply come to them, but just before he got close enough to touch, something got his attention. It was the trap that one of the rescuers had begun to set up, and he just knew that it was for him, and he went the other way instead. It was a good thing that they still had some chicken left, because it wasn’t too long before the dog started approaching them again, hoping to get some more of that food. He had been living in the streets for quite some time, after all.

Eventually, they decided to just assemble the trap near the dog’s hiding spot and to leave the area, at least for a little bit, so that he would enter the cage with little to no hesitation. After being led to believe that he had finally been left alone with the food, the dog made his way into the cage so that he could start enjoying his meal, before the door closed, securing him at last. Naturally, he panicked for a few moments, but that changed when his rescuers came back and gave him gentle caresses, reassuring him that his life was just about to get a whole lot better. He was given the name Falcon.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube


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