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John Gray is a well-entrenched broadcaster. Since taking the spotlight as a news anchor, Gray won numerous awards for his excellent storytelling skills. When he is not at work, Gray gets busy playing and taking care of his dog pal, Keller. The two are now winning hearts together.

Gray and Keller first met when the former volunteered for his local animal shelter a few years back. Back then, the pooch was just four months old. But what sets the pooch apart from other dogs is that Keller is entirely blind and deaf.

While this may be the case, Gray did not see it as a burden. Instead, he believes that this dog is a blessing for him. According to Gray, he decided to adopt the pooch because the story of the dog touched him.

At an early age, Keller already experienced the cruelty of this world. For one, the dog was left alone by his former owner at a railroad. Since he is blind and deaf, the dog did not know what to do. Good thing, a volunteer from a local animal shelter saw the dog. He was then brought to the shelter, where the dog sought refuge.

Although the dog is disadvantaged because of his disability, Keller still brimmed with happiness. He now inspires children who, just like him, are neglected in this society. Keller does this through a book written by his master, Gray.

Entitled Keller’s Heart, Gray told the incredible story of the pooch and how the dog helped the author come to terms with his condition. In the pages of the book, Gray talks to children and tells them to take Keller’s life as an inspiration.

According to Gray, Keller might be deaf and blind, but this does not mean he is not capable of showing and receiving love. The message of Gray’s book for children is not to dwell on the negative side. They should instead look at the brighter side as always.

Credits to Paraclete Press.


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