Dogs can feel a whole lot of emotions during their stay at shelters — as for this little pup, there is no denying that she only has pure happiness as she hopes to find her safe and forever home finally.

Layla was frail and nervous when she was found at the traffic all alone. The 7-week-old pup was picked up by the Beaumont Animal Care in Texas. Layla suddenly changed demeanor when she reached the shelter, and she completely stunned the staff. Rachel Barron approached the dog and began talking to the little pup, and that’s when she flashed a dazzling grin.

Barron said that Layla began wagging her tail when she started speaking in baby-talk kind of voice. Immediately after hearing Baron’s voice, Layla put on the famous smile. That is when Baron pulled out her phone to get it on video. Of course, it was shared immediately on social media.

It was like Layla knew she was already in good hands. It did not take long for adoption inquiries to start coming in after Barron shared the adorable video. The perfect family came in to visit Layla after they watched the dog’s adorable smiling face video.

Nicole Toney and her husband already have three rescue dogs and two cats. They knew right away that Layla would be another great addition to their growing family. Little Layla warmed up to her new family quickly, and the Toneys were approved to bring Layla home right away.

It’s like Layla was meant to be with the family all along. Layla instantly started playing with the other dogs. Lady, the other rescued dog, had just given birth when she was rescued, and so she was really drawn to Layla. Toney, she said she immediately wanted to come near Layla.

Unsurprisingly, it seems that Layla is just as drawn to the other fur babies. Layla has finally found a haven and a happy, loving home.

Source: The Dodo via YouTube


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