Belen and Tristan are a couple who loves to go cycling. Recently, they went on a cycling holiday and were passing through the Pamir Highway. They planned everything for the trip. They had a schedule to follow and mapped everything out.

However, they didn’t expect a surprise that was awaiting them when they were on their way down the mountain. Belen and Tristan were just on the outskirts of a city when they came across two puppies that were lying down on the side of the road.

At first, Belen and Tristan didn’t know what to do. They wanted to help the two puppies, but they didn’t know how to do it. They saw that the locals passing by didn’t care about the two dogs and the couple figured that it was up to them to find a way to rescue the dogs.

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Belen and Tristan took on the responsibility of taking care of the two puppies. After an hour of waiting, the couple finally found someone willing to give them a ride back to the city of Dushanbe. When they arrived, they fed the two puppies and also made sure that the two puppies had everything they need to be comfortable.

Animal shelters and animal rescue organizations are virtually nonexistent in this part of the world. So, the couple decided to fly the two puppies back to their home in the Netherlands. They asked for help on the internet. Thankfully, their call for help reached a very generous woman who preferred to stay anonymous.

Once they got to the Netherlands, the couple proceeded to find a forever home for the two puppies. The puppies were eventually adopted. One of the puppies was named Moka, who was adopted by a lovely family in Hague. The other puppy, who was named Latte, was adopted by Tristan’s mom.

The cyclist couple cared more for the well-being of the two random puppies they found in the side of a road than their vacation plans. Thanks to Tristan and Belen, Latte and Moka finally found their forever home. Here’s a heartwarming video of how the two cyclists managed to rescue the two puppies and gave them a loving home.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube

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