Playing fetch is a dog’s favorite pastime. No matter how tired dogs are, it seems to be their instinct to retrieve something you throw at them — especially when it is a green tennis ball. They like retrieving and chewing that green goodness. They love to fetch so much that the dog in the featured video below didn’t understand why he could not find the ball his owner threw at him.

The video below features a dog and his owner out in their yard, enjoying the first snow. The snow has covered everything on the ground with fluffy white goodness. It’s hard to tell where the trees and streets have gone with all the snow. You can even get lost in high snow cover.

However, that doesn’t seem like a problem for the pup in this video. He saw the first snow this season, and he intends to enjoy it all day long. Fetching the ball out in the yard is very fun, but he won’t be able to find the ball amongst the snow-covered terrain unless it is his favorite green tennis ball that stands out in the snow.

Little did the pup know that his owner plans to throw him a snowball instead to mess with him. Of course, it will eventually get lost with the rest of the snow, but this adorable fellow doesn’t seem to know that.

He really wants the “ball” without knowing that it is a snowball. His owner throws it at him, and it quickly disappears with the rest of the snow. Where did it go all of a sudden? The dog starts looking around for the “ball,” but there’s not a single trace of it to be found.

The pup runs around in circles in the snow-covered yard, but he can’t find his “ball” anywhere. All he wanted was to grab it and play with it for a while. The poor confused doggo can’t find the snowball anywhere. But don’t worry, we’re sure he enjoyed his time in the snow all the same.

Watch the dog’s pursuit of his snowball in the video below. It will make your day!

Source annaelisedye via Rumble


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