We find it puzzling when animals demonstrate actions that show love and compassion to other animals. Sometimes, their gestures put us to shame. Perhaps, this story will once again teach us a thing or two about compassion and empathy.

Two stray dogs in Muscoy, California, found themselves in a difficult situation. A car hit a pregnant German Shepherd, resulting in a severe injury. She was in extreme pain as he lay on the ground motionless.

Another stray dog saw what happened and went over the injured dog to accompany her despite not knowing her. Sadly, all the cars drove past them, and no one stopped to check on them.

Still, the smaller dog stood his ground and kept his friend company. Finally, a concerned driver finally stopped to check on them. Afterward, he called Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue, a nonprofit organization for rescue animals.

Things weren’t looking great for the German Shepherd. Faith Easdale, one of the rescuers, thought that she wouldn’t be able to make it. Still, they didn’t waste time and did their best to save her and proceeded to transfer both dogs into the vehicle.

They decided to name the German Shepherd Marley while they called the smaller one Murphy.

Even during the trip, Murphy showed incredible compassion and concern for his fellow canine. He rested his head on her belly to comfort her.

When they arrived at the hospital, Marley underwent medical tests, which revealed that she sustained injuries and several broken bones. The ultrasound also revealed that she was pregnant with 11 puppies!

Eventually, she gave birth to all of them, and thankfully, they were all safe and healthy! Marley’s injury didn’t stop her from being a good mother to her puppies. Despite having two casts on both legs, she still fed them well.

After two years and several veterinary visits, Marley fully recovered, thanks to the vets and her rescuers’ help. Eventually, a family adopted her and said that she is back to her usual self again, playing like she never got a severe injury before!

As for Murphy, he was put up for adoption first. Easdale realized that the two dogs didn’t know each other, which made his behavior towards Marley confounding. Still, it was because of him that Marley was able to get help.

May these two dogs teach us that little acts of kindness, whether to a friend or a stranger, definitely go a long way!

Watch their rescue story here:

Source: Stories of Animals via YouTube


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