Who says dog shows are just for the typically dressed show dogs? Rudy the Bulldog shall destroy all social constructs when it comes to dog shows.

Bulldogs are known to be dog breeds that would want to take a nap all day instead of taking agility and speed performance exercises. With all their extra weight, amazement will embrace you the moment they showcase their physical fitness, too.

That, however, is the case for a regular bulldog. Rudy isn’t just your average bulldog. He’s one of a kind.

Rudy, with all his belly and neck fats with him, is as cute as a chubby dog. That’s why his presence at the 2019 Westminister Dog Show took everyone in the stadium right away. This dog is a natural stunner. 

In a YouTube video uploaded by Fox Sports, they highlighted Rudy’s performance throughout the show. With his owner Deborah Perkins, one can see at the start of the video that they were there to have fun.

But that doesn’t stop there. When Rudy was finally in the course, he nailed and slew the show. His flaws were so cute and irresistible that his video on YouTube went viral. 

Rudy was able to take in the course that was about him, and he did not let the challenge pass. It’s such a motivating trait that one can learn from just seeing a Bulldog compete in a dog show.

Although Rudy may not have won the dog show, he undoubtedly won the hearts of all those who watch him, making him the darling of the crowd. 

Now, may this be an inspiration to all dogs out there? Regardless of their breed, they too can make it like what Rudy just showcased. If Rudy can make it, other dogs can too.

Video Source: Fox Sports via YouTube


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