The Golden Retriever dog population in New York City seems to be one of the most distinctive in America. Many dog owners walk their pets outside even in wintertime, and it sometimes feels like every dog is a golden retriever.

There are so many golden retrievers that dog parks and dog day-care centers are always booked.

These two goldens named Sterling and Colin don’t need day-care, but they do need to tone down on the item-stealing.

These two would go inside their humans’ rooms and steal items when their owners aren’t looking.

The dog’s owner says it’s just a game to them, and no amount of stern words or warnings would stop the pets.

Sterling and Colin’s parents came up with a brilliant idea – they obligated the dogs to wear whatever they steal.

The dog owner took a picture every time the dog would take something, and it’s hilarious. The more expensive and priceless the item is, the funnier it’ll be on those golden retrievers.

It didn’t take too long for Sterling to pick up his first item – a preppy hat. Colin followed suit, and they were snapped wearing their spoils. Have you ever seen a more adorable pair than these two?

The dog owner says that the funniest part is that the dogs are so proud of getting away with stealing.

They’d take items that are usually close to what the other took, so they would end up matching. The results are side-splitting, as the dog’s owners post pictures of them on social media.

The dog’s owners say that Sterling and Collin have mellowed since they’ve been mandated to sport their stolen items.

It’s a win-win for everyone, as the dogs get to keep whatever they steal and their human owners don’t stress about a repeat.

Credits to Life of Sterling Newton via YouTube

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