You might think that only kids and some adults have that fear of crossing the streets. Then this video shot by journalist Natalie Compton may leave you thinking twice.

It was a typically busy day in Nepal when suddenly, Natalie spots a dog and his owner who were about to cross the street. She took a video of them and posted it on twitter.

“The most surprising 15 seconds of my life by far,” she said in her tweet. Don’t worry, Natalie. That’s ours too!

The video, as of writing, now already earned over 2 million views. The people who also saw this on Twitter dived into vibe by replying to Natalie’s original tweet.

Some of them are quite as surprised as Natalie, too. But for some, they already expected that the dogs are really clingy.

Also, maybe the owner trained the dog for real to cross the street. And it already sank in the dog’s mindset.

It’s surprising in a sense that all the time we get to see kids cling to their parents when crossing the street. For dogs, however, they cross the road and hope for the best.

This dog, though, is probably the brightest of them all. Or maybe he loves his owner so much enough to cling to him.

Either way, whatever it is, we want to have it! There’s nothing purer than the love the owner and the dog share between the two of them.

Also, don’t you think it’s a wise move for owners to teach their dogs how to cross the street? We teach our kids, anyway.

Why should we not do the same thing for our dogs? In this way, we can also be sure of their safety while they’re crossing the street. Our dogs need them, too.

Video source: Natalie B. Compton via Twitter

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