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People can be so admirable when they don’t even mind risking their lives just for dogs they don’t even know.

In Los Angeles’ Koreatown, firefighters responded to an emergency when people called 911 after seeing thick fumes coming from the second floor of an apartment. They checked the situation right away and decided to face the danger to save a dog.

People from the building already evacuated when firefighters spotted a bulldog that seemed to pass out due to toxic smoke inhalation. The dog was lying right on the floor when the firemen rescued her, given they are in a dangerous circumstance.

A rescuer took the dog and quickly attached an oxygen mask. However, the dog remained unconscious on the floor, suffocated, and not moving at all.

In despair, they even tried to urge her to drink water. The rescuers were indeed determined to revive the dog that they repeatedly applied gentle pressure on her tummy. After a few minutes of trying, they successfully revived the dog, who made her initial response. The rescuers were relieved, for they finally saved the dog, which they later knew as Potato.

Potato curled up to her rescuers after the unfortunate incident. She wiggled her tail to show gratitude after saving her from almost being lifeless. When her owners arrived, Potato was brought to the animal center. Her owners learned that Potato would not have survived if the firemen didn’t notice and care to save her.

The investigation has begun, and it was initially reported that the fire possibly started in the kitchen of one of the residents. Further investigation, though, is still ongoing. As for Potato, she needed to rest to regain the health that she will have.

It is just hard to imagine the sacrifices they have to make. It is even more than just a job for some. We are fortunate to have brave firemen who genuinely deserve our sincere Thank You!

Source: NBC LA


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