As dog parents, it’s nice to know that we can always count on strangers to help our pups should they ever need it. When our fur babies run away from home, they can sometimes get themselves in all sorts of trouble. And if we’re not around, we could only hope that a good Samaritan has spotted them.

Fortunately for whoever owns the doggo in the video below, a knight in cotton armor showed up when their fur baby needed it the most. This incident happened just recently in Donetsk, Ukraine. Two doggos were spotted running on top of the frozen Kalmius Lake.

However, just as everyone expected, the ice broke, and one of the dogs fell into the frigid lake! Most bystanders just watched the dog struggle in the water, as they didn’t want to risk their own safety. But one of them took it upon himself to become the poor pup’s savior.

This kind man stripped down to his underwear and walked towards the frozen lake without any second thoughts. You could tell that this good Samaritan is not scared of subzero temperatures, not even a tiny bit.

As this heroic hooman approached the dog in distress, we could hear the pooch whimper as he was obviously terrified. The man then broke the thin ice in front of him to create a path leading to the pupper.

When the nameless hero reached the frozen fur baby, he tried to push the doggo up on the ice. But unfortunately, the ice was too thin, so it kept breaking, and the pupper fell back into the water every time. So they decided to just go back through the path that the man created.

The relieved pooch paddled his way back to safety, followed by the man who saved his life. The onlookers applauded the kind man who risked his own safety for the pup, and one of them even shook his hand.

Credits: Daily Mail

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