Dogs must feel scared and uncertain whenever they go on new journeys. This adorable puppy named Nina certainly did, but all’s well because her new mom is so cool.

When this fur mom brought her new baby home, she immediately thought about buying her stuff she could enjoy. Their first bonding together was at a local store, and Nina enjoyed it.

Although the ride got the puppy dizzy, she was able to get past that and enjoy her very first shopping trip. Mom bought her a collar and some other doggy stuff, the lucky pet.

Mom was pretty excited about getting her new pup some stuff, but the real work waited at home. Nina was gonna be introduced to her dad, and he didn’t have a clue she was arriving that day.

We think that really wasn’t a problem because dogs could make humans fall in love with them in just a snap. Nina could no doubt do the same, so it’s not something a mom should be worried about.

What’s important was, Nina now has her forever home and family. This mom and her son will be this pup’s army and support, and that’s why we’re confident that dad will go with the flow.

After all, the pet already had a collar and a name, so what would a dissenting vote do? In any case, Nina’s there to stay, so this little family definitely just got bigger, with or without dad’s approval.

When this bunch got home, mom introduced Nina to her dad, and we could tell he wasn’t too excited. He touched the back of his head, but again, dogs are masters at making people love them.

Just give it a couple of days, and we’re sure Nina will be dad’s best pal. Thank you for providing a home for Nina and for sharing this clip on the net with us!

Credits to BViral via YouTube


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