There are many reasons why dogs act out when they are left alone inside the house. They may have separation anxiety, or they are simply bored. When this happens, they look for ways to vent out their distress.

Four dogs in South Korea get into mischief every time their mom and grandma leave the house. When the humans come back, there are chewed-up things in the living room that are no longer recognizable. Blankets and towels are scattered on the floor. Their mom discovers that there’s no soup left in the kitchen.

Their grandma is getting exasperated. She scolds them to keep them in line. However, they start doing mischief again as soon as her back is turned.

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Grandma has an idea who takes the lead in creating mayhem. She thinks it can’t be Jjang-Ah because she is very timid and likes to stay in a corner. Doo-Hwan and Choon-Hyang are excitable, so they are her main suspects.

They set up cameras inside the house to find out what is happening when they are alone. Grandma is very disappointed to learn that it’s gentle Jjang-Ah who initiates messing up the house. The other dogs follow her lead. Then they act as innocent as angels when the humans come back.

Lee Chan Jong, an animal behaviorist, comes over and explains this behavior. Jjang-Ah has a strong attachment to her owner. She has no one to interact with when she is left alone, so she combats her boredom by chewing on things.

Lee Chan Jong suggests training Jjang-Ah through a game of hide-and-seek. The goal is to let her know that she will be rewarded if she learns to wait patiently.

They start by letting her find them in a room inside the house. Then they train her how to wait by the door when they leave. They gradually extend the waiting time.

Lee Chan Jong also suggests that they insert treats in toys and leave these around the house. The toys will keep them busy while waiting. They must also praise the dogs’ good behavior upon their return.

The dogs’ mom makes a promise that she will spend more time with them and train them to be independent. They hope to have peace and harmony in the house from then on.

Source: Kritter Klub via YouTube

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