A video captured an incredible act of a Border Collie when he saved a Chihuahua from an accident. A Chihuahua was about to cross a road when a car runs in reverse. Luckily, someone saved the day and the urgency of his phenomenal rescue was beyond what we all could expect.

If it were not for his heroic acts, the car would most probably run over the poor Chihuahua. Talk about thinking fast on your feet.

The video became viral online, and people praised the dog who saved his friend, he did such an excellent job that people can’t quite believe how remarkable it is.

They are heroes in their ways, and they are capable of things that we do not see often. You can see the speed of his movements as he rushed to the Chihuahua’s rescue. The dog did not care about the risks of the help he provided. He could hurt himself by running near the car, but he did not think twice about rushing to save the smaller dog; that is how brave he is.

When the driver realized, she felt relieved that she did not hit the precious little dog. She was grateful that the Border Collie was there to save the day.

I believe that dogs are capable of feeling great empathy, and they must perceive a great sense of awareness and emotions to be able to do heroic acts like this. I hope this video also serves as a reminder to those drivers who have tendencies to overlook their surroundings. I hope people would be more careful before backing up their car.

Though the dog saved the day, we are still responsible for contributing protection to these wondrous creatures. I’m glad that this story has a good ending rather than another tragic event. Witness the heroic act below:

Video Credit Jukin Media‘s YouTube Channel


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