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Four years ago, Austin made a brave decision to adopt a rescue dog. Later on, the minor league baseball star named his new pooch Stella. Ever since Stella came into Austin’s life, the athlete became a more well-rounded individual. The dog changed the course of his life, Austin said.

Stella, a German Shepherd mix, is described by Austin as someone stubborn yet lovely. In a recent Facebook post, Austin penned a unique appreciation of his rescue pooch. In the now-viral post, Austin enumerated the things he dislikes about the pooch. For one, Stella likes to leave the house at the most inconvenient of times. This pisses Austin off because he is a busy man and has no luxury of time.

In addition to this, the athlete likewise said in the post that he found it hard to look for an apartment that would accept Stella. Since Stella is a German Shepherd, it is all the more difficult to find an apartment, Austin lamented. He added that the presence of the dog makes his house rent higher.

But while these may be the case for Stella, Austin said these experiences and a bad omen of Stella make her the best dog. Austin said that it is not essential that a dog should be perfect. What is essential is that a dog should be authentic and real, and Stella is one who has this kind of trait. This is the reason why Austin said he would not exchange Stella with any other dog.

For Austin, while Stella is an imperfect dog, she is still unique in so many ways. For one, the dog is sweet towards him. Each time he came home, Stella would be the first one to welcome him inside the house with a big smile. This alone is the reason why Austin believes that he made the right choice of adopting the pooch.

Really hate to be making this post right now… My girl Stella is just too much to handle sometimes. She is constantly…

Posted by Austin Conway on Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Credits to Austin Conway.


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