Samm and Alexis were looking for a dog to adopt when they came across a scared, hairless puppy named Sage. The couple immediately decided to apply for Sage’s adoption, and they took him home as soon as their application was approved.

Samm admitted that many things went through her mind while they were on their way back to their house with Sage because she was unsure if their newly-rescued dog would be comfortable with them. Fortunately, Sage’s demeanor instantly changed as soon as he arrived home.

Sage ran around the house and picked up toys as if he has lived there all his life. Sage became instantly comfortable, and his new parents even noticed that their dog often sighed in relief, as if realizing that he finally has a place he could call home.

Samm and Alexis noticed that Sage was sleeping like a baby on his first night when they realized that 60% of his body was bald and full of scabs. Samm knew that Sage would need to be clothed all the time to keep him from getting hurt with his current skin condition, so she immediately purchased doggy clothes online.

Samm recalled that she would even get up early to give Sage his first rounds of skin medication to help speed up his recovery. She shared that she also ensured that she was adding vitamins in all of Sage’s meals to make him gain weight in no time.

Sage was also given medicated baths every day and lather up with coconut oil to moisturize his skin. Samm recalled that Sage also had an upper respiratory infection and needed 24/7 care.

Fortunately, Sage’s hair eventually grew back, and he recovered from his lung infection after months of being showered with constant attention, love, cuddles, and healthy treats. He transformed into a fluffy dog who looked as if he never had any skin disease in his life.

Source: The Dodo via Facebook


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