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Just like most Golden Retrievers, Asha is quite a friendly dog. She is friendly not only to humans but to other animals as well. She lives in Western Victoria, Australia and she always makes her parents proud.

Asha’s parents weren’t really expecting to see what Asha would be doing one morning. They woke up to see Asha giving cuddles to a baby koala. Now, that scene could really warm your heart.

Kerry McKinnon and her husband own Asha. On a cold morning, the husband woke up early and checked on Asha. Kerry was surprised when her husband was yelling for her to look at what he was seeing.

Kerry wasn’t sure what was happening so she hurriedly went to her husband. She saw her husband staring at Asha and Asha had a companion. A cute little koala was hanging on to Asha’s fur.

Asha looked like she didn’t have a clue about what she should do. And the look on her face brought smiles and laughter on her parents’ faces.

Kelly and her husband thought that the koala may have fallen out of her mom’s pouch. Since it was cold that day, the koala tried to look for a place where she could be warm and comfortable. Asha was the closest that she could find and it was just perfect for her goals. Asha’s fur was really soft and it was comfortable for the baby koala. Plus, it was warm which was very important for a cold koala.

The two animals looked like they have bonded over the night. The two humans believed that the koala found her way to Asha during the night. How they found each other though remains to be a mystery up to this day.

The humans gently picked the baby koala off of the dog’s fur to get it checked. Thankfully, it was healthy. A professional took in the koala and is being taken cared of and being readied to be brought back to the wild.

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