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There are basic things that animals do as it is in their nature. For example, lions hunt, chameleons change their color, and birds fly. But what about golden retrievers? Oh, you already know – they retrieve.

This brings us to the current video uploaded on TikTok of Violet by user @thicccboysonly. Violet is a very good golden retriever with two very endearing characteristics. One is that she adores everything, and, two, she will bring you stuff.

In the video, Violet was retrieving a very confused baby goose, which she gently held in her mouth. She did this while she paddled through a pond and was on her way back to her bewildered owner. The owner was probably thinking just how serious the dog was at what she was doing.

The very wet, very sweet-faced Violet seemed to reassure its owner that she is very serious about what she was doing at that moment.

Violet then laid her large paws on the concrete edge of the pond as her owner commanded her to drop the duck. The dog complied while giving the baby goose’s head a pat using her snout. Meanwhile, we hear a goose honking in the background and I believe that may be the parent.

As the video came to an end, Violet returned to the pond and swam away, content with what she had accomplished.

The adorable video of Violet being the greatest dog she can be has been viewed 5.1 million times on TikTok. It has also received over 650,000 likes and 4,000 comments. Many comments were left to give Violet praises for her skill at gently holding that baby goose.

Golden retrievers, as their name suggests, were bred to retrieve game, particularly waterfowl, for their owners. They have a soft mouth that is very important when doing this task because it prevents the dog’s teeth from damaging valuable pelts or feathers.

But fear not, geese enthusiasts! Violet’s fur mom said that the young goose was unharmed, just confused.


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