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People suffering from diabetes have to be careful about the way they eat. They have to maintain meds and eat the right food. If they don’t, the disease will slowly damage important organs.

Complications associated with diabetes include blindness, and failure of the kidney. Those who have this disease usually try not to get wounded because their wounds do not easily heal. Wounds on limbs that are left unchecked usually start to fester leading to amputation.

Gordon Sanderson is a diabetic. Two of his legs were amputated as well as two of his fingers. He felt down when this happened. But he knew that it was for the best since complications could arise if they weren’t amputated.

Gordon said that he wasn’t happy with his situation. He felt depressed and he wasn’t sure how he was going to live life now that he had no legs and two of his fingers were missing.

It was a good thing though that Gordon owned two Dalmatians who were known as Harvey and Poppy. These dogs have been there for Gordon throughout his ordeal. They would also be there for him when he wants to go out of the house.

The dogs have brought Gordon hope and happiness. He may feel sad from time to time but the dogs would be there to make him happy. They give him comfort and makes him realize that he is lucky to be alive.

Later on, Gordon has realized that he still has a life to live. The dogs gave him that. And that is why he wants to honor his dogs since he is grateful to them for lifting his spirits up when he was feeling down.

Gordon was given prosthetic legs so he can function normally. He opted to go with prosthetics that had the spots from a Dalmatian to make him remember all the good things that Harvey and Poppy have done for him.

Source: Inside Edition


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