Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a technique used during emergencies. It combines both chest compression and artificial ventilation to preserve brain function. This technique is recommended for those unresponsive patients with no breathing since it restores blood circulation and breathing. This is a definition found in Wikipedia.

You have to undergo days of training to apply the CPR accurately. This technique is a bit difficult to use, but it’s beneficial during emergencies. Amazingly, a police dog showed how to apply this to an unconscious police officer!

We must have thought that only humans can save lives. We are the ones who created medicines for different types of illnesses, and we are also the ones who built and developed hospitals for sick people. But, there are also other beings that have proven that they can also be counted on when it comes to saving lives. Dogs like K-9s have proven that their excellent sniffing abilities can assist police officers in capturing the bad guys.

However, dogs aren’t done yet in impressing humans. A study found out that dogs are as smart as a two-year-old child. A 2-year-old child could already understand some gestures and words so imagine a dog’s potential to do great things. One smart police dog went the extra mile when he showed off his ability to perform CPR.

Poncho is part of Madrid’s police force. He’s the most talented and skillful dog they’ve ever been. The intelligent dog was even trained to perform the life-saving CPR.

In a demo, a police officer stood like it was just a normal day. He saluted like it was a sweltering hot afternoon, then suddenly, he fell. This smart police dog rushed towards the unconscious police dog, and when he noticed the officer needed CPR, he immediately transformed and became a medical expert. He did not waste time to save his life, and it seemed like he’s done it a thousand times already!

Source: Fox News via YouTube


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