Back in October 2020, one neighborhood in Baltimore was suddenly rocked when an explosion occurred. When residents finally ran out to see what was happening, they saw one house totally damaged and on fire. Even the trees and other homes surrounding the property were ablaze.

Concerned owner

Tragically, a good number of people were injured, and some even lost their lives, because of the explosion. Among the victims was an unnamed man who had severe burns all over his body.

When the responders arrived, the man was still conscious and in a lot of pain. When he was being loaded inside the ambulance, the crew was astonished to see that he was more concerned about his dog. He kept on asking where his pet was and pleaded with them to get someone to care for his pooch.

It turned out that he really had nothing to worry about.

Foster care

The dog, named Barak, was recognized by the neighbor, and they informed the authorities that he was owned by the man who was brought to the hospital. The dog was then brought to the BARCS Animal Shelter.

The staff learned that the dog would have to stay with them for at least a month until his owner is well enough to take care of him. At that moment, the injured man was put into a medically-induced coma at the hospital.

Usually, it would be a problem for the shelter to keep a dog that long. They have a high turnover rate of rescued and adopted dogs which allows them to have sufficient space in their facility. They rarely have dogs stay that long.

Thankfully though, because of the pandemic, a lot more foster volunteers have come up. this gave them the confidence to promise that they would keep Barak as long as it needed for his owner to get well.


After four months of round-the-clock care, the hospital finally gave the man the green light to go home. Several days after that, Barak was allowed to go home to his dad as well. They had a very emotional reunion, and the man expressed his utmost appreciation to the people who took care of his pet while he was at the hospital.

Source: @BARCSAnimalShelter/Facebook


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