As little kids, we always dreamed of having that perfect puppy best friend that we will grow up with, didn’t we? But for numerous reasons, we just couldn’t. Probably because someone in the family had dog allergies, the apartment you stay in doesn’t allow pets, or maybe because your parents couldn’t afford to adopt and take good care of one.

A little boy named Ryan from South America experienced just that. In a heartwarming video initially posted on Instagram, it stated that he had been wanting to have a puppy all his life. Sadly, his parents couldn’t afford one.

But little did he know that all of that was about to change.

The video starts with Ryan, a budding artist, sitting in their living room while playing his favorite video game.

Suddenly, his mother marches into the room with something fluffy in her arms. That “something” is a shiny and furry cream-coated animal with white paws. Of course, Ryan was curious and takes a quick glance.

Then the moment Ryan lays eyes on it, he screams in delight and just loses it! He puts his hands near his mouth as a sign of disbelief. He just couldn’t believe that he is handed his very own puppy!

If you’ve been wanting to own a pet all your life and were repeatedly told you just can’t, you’d know exactly how Ryan feels at this moment. Finally, his long-time dream of having a furry best friend is just right in front of him.

He continues to drop to the floor on his knees with a twinkle in his eyes. He even forgets that he is playing a video game. Of course, nothing else is important at this point – only his new pooch.

As he cries his eyes out, the precious little puppy quickly makes friends and introduces himself. He quickly climbs up on Ryan’s knee and tries to get in as many smooches and hugs as possible.  At this point, you just know that this is the start of a beautiful friendship between the two.

Watch how their emotional first interaction had gone in the precious video below.

Source: Social Media via Youtube

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