Tonka is a Great Dane that lives in Cedar Park, Texas. As a certified therapy dog, he frequently visits the elderly residents of Cedar Pointe Health and Wellness Suites. He is loved by the senior citizens as he brings them joy and relieves their anxiety. They always eagerly await his arrival.

Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, the care center imposed a lockdown. Non-essential visitors were prohibited from entering the premises for safety purposes. This included Tonka.

Being confined inside the center proved to be stressful to the residents. And sadly, their favorite dog could not go inside to comfort them.

Social distancing

Tonka’s owner, a local resident named Courtney Leigh, knew how much the residents missed the gentle giant. She and the dog also longed to visit and continue to give them happiness. So Courtney thought of a way to resume their visits without compromising the safety and well-being of the senior citizens.

According to the concerned dog owner, older patients suffer more when they are infected with the deadly virus. They understood completely why the administration had to close its doors. But that won’t stop them from bringing a smile to their faces.

She talked to the senior center’s administrators and proposed a social distancing visit. They would go from window to window to see the residents. The administration agreed. And when they informed the residents, they all got excited.

Much awaited

The senior residents eagerly awaited Tonka’s arrival. They even made signs and placed them on their windows. And as the dog went from one window to another, the center filled with joy. The friendly pooch would put his paw on the window, and the residents would also place their hands on it.

Although they couldn’t pet or show their love to the dog through hugs, the sight of him was more than enough to relieve their stress. The short but meaningful visit made their day and they once again eagerly await Tonka’s return.

Source: KXAN News

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