Fall is considered the most dreamlike period of the year. For us humans, it’s our chance to enjoy our ideal picnic dates and slurp our favorite pumpkin spice lattes. Yet, for a cute pup like Stella, fall means living the life of being with leaves.

Stella is a Labrador retriever who has a unique fondness for the fall season especially its leaves. She’s a lively and cheerful hound living her best life with her family in Maine.

Just like most dogs, Stella loves cool air. It reminds her of leaves- her most cherished giveaway from fall.

Supportive folks from DogDelite.com shared adorable footage of Stella enjoying her most preferred time of the year. Mountain big pile of leaves turns out to be her unique diving site!

Stella possesses a different kind of talent. She’s all confident that what she’s doing was a safe activity that would make her enjoy the fall more.

In a slow-motion pace, wearing her cute monarch butterfly outfit, Stella discovers her way inside the mountain pile of leaves. She floats into the cool, thin air aiming to get into the heart of the piled leaves like a diving swan with special powers.

If only the pup’s unusual hobby is considered an Olympic sport, she might get an outstanding award in leaf diving. Everything seems so natural with her skills!

Moreover, leaves are not the only objects Stella tries to dive into. Here’s a secret. The pup is actually a year-round professional athlete!

When the season becomes warmer, diving into the water to catch a tennis ball is her kind of thing.

In winter, snowmen start to feel scared and chilly as soon as they see the pooch approaching. Well, Stella was given the name ‘The Frosty Assassin’ for a reason. She loves mowing down the poor snow people every time she bumps into them. In a few seconds, the snow people turn into mere snowflakes!

Don’t be scared if ever you’ll see Stella walking towards your way. She won’t dive into humans and won’t be as deadly as she is with snowmen. Because in reality, Stella is only a loving and adorable canine enjoying the good things life can offer.

Video Credits: Dog Named Stella on Youtube


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