An Uber rider had the ride of her life when she got to travel with an adorable service pooch, and it is making dog lovers jealous.

When a female Twitter user who was also very fond of canines recently ordered a ride with Uber, she felt like she had won a lottery. The Uber driver had informed the Twitterati that his service dog would accompany him.

The pleasantly surprised woman texted the driver back that it sounded great and started waiting for the car to arrive with a lot of anticipation. Later, a photo of the passenger’s encounter with the canine went viral.

When the Uber arrived, a Pomsky could be seen sitting in the front seat adjacent to the driver. The service dog was named Bullet, and the passenger was lucky enough to be allowed to make her day by petting the dog.

The tweet about the canine encounter has been able to amass more than a quarter-million likes in only a few days. There have also been numerous comments depicting jealousy, joy, and comedy.

One person humorously commented that it could be his ableist opinion, but he did not approve of blind people being Uber drivers.

The little dog kept looking back from the front seat towards the passenger as if he was trying to make sure that the passenger was having a comfy ride. It was also one of those moments when the dog was looking at the back seat to check up on the passenger that his photo was taken and was later posted on Twitter.

The canine Uber co-pilot was brimming with cuteness, and the online folks did not let it go unnoticed. Many people expressed their envy over the fact that they never had an opportunity to have a ride with an adorable pooch like Bullet.

Image source: @soppkygothgrama via Twitter


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